Four Design Resources I Can't Live Without

Chris Sams, February 12, 2013

Of all the hundreds and thousands of blogs, tutorials and sources of design inspiration on the web, these are the four that I go back to over and over.


For just $25 a month, you can learn virtually every technical skill you’ll require in the design field. I’m still eternally grateful for the conceptual training I gained in design school, but Lynda wins hands-down in the nitty gritty details. They offer courses on every topic, divided into 3-10 minute videos so you can learn a program sequentially or search for just the action you need. I prefer this over YouTube tutorials because I pick up so many great tips when I go through a whole course.

I mentioned Kuler in a blog last week. It is my favorite tool for browsing and refining color schemes. I use it weekly.


One of the most tedious tasks of commercial design can be tracking down vector logos. Often corporate logos can be found and downloaded on Brands of the World, which is much quicker and easier than writing strings of emails trying to explain .eps files and why it won’t work to just copy the logo off of the company’s website.

Though I prefer original photography, and iStock prices have definitely gone up in the last few years, it is still a large and useful resource. I create Lightboxes for each new client and download comps to use in mockups. They have a fantastic array of filters (sample pictured) that takes a lot of the pain out of searching for the right image.

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