Forget the results page, your problem is way before that!

Chris Sams, November 29, 2011

We here at JEMSU are crazy about SEO and internet marketing.  We talk to client and colleagues all day every day about it,  then we spend the rest of our time actually getting our hands dirty doing it.  So with this complete immersion we start seeing patterns, and specifically thoughts or beliefs that clients and those new to SEO might have.  Today I want to talk about one of those patterns that we have to start dealing with from day one with a client.  Almost every one is completely obsessed with one keyword and one results page.  They check it compulsively.  They feel that they are in a life long struggle to get to the number one spot and many are ready and willing to sacrifice everything to get there.  What many don’t realize is that any one results page typically only represents a fraction of the traffic to their site.  In many cases it may not even represent a double digit percentage of their overall traffic.  So the problem is not on that results page.  Its often a step or two before that when a person opens up their laptop and thinks to themselves, now how am I going to find what I need?
So here is an example.  I have an old 4-Runner, and the transmission starts making a funny noise every time I stop at a stop light.  I get a little worried because I don’t know how serious it is.  I begin to wonder how am I going to find a way to get this fixed.  First, I start asking around at work, at parties, at church to see if anyone has a good transmission “guy”.   I hit a dead end, no one really remembers a good one, but I get a list of a few bad ones.  So now I send a message out on facebook to see if anyone can recommend someone.  Crickets chirping.  I don’t post a lot on facebook so my post get buried beneath pictures of anniversary dinners and the latest viral video.  So finally I face the fact.  I am going to have to find the answer to mind problem by searching.  I put the keyword “transmission” into my chosen search engine.  All I get is national results for transmission rebuilds and national brands.  So then I add my city to the search and now I get a map and dozens of results.  Now I am terrified because I don’t even know where to start.  Surely most of these are waiting just to rip me off.  I try about ten more searches modifying what I need and then I give up.  My transmission is just going have to hang in there as is.

So lets go back to the client obsessed about a single results page.  If you look at the example, how many opportunities were there before he even searched to reach that customer.  How many times when the searches were happening, could the client have broken through all the noise. How important is it to know what is important to  your customer and reach them in every way possible.  The bottom line is stopping focusing on just one results page, and think about the first page of search.  Then think before that.  And then think what happens before that!

Now that you are thinking,  why don’t you call us about local SEO and internet marketing, and see if we can help you not only be at the top of that one results page, but also start being the company that your customer wants and needs.  And if anyone knows a good mechanic, please shoot me an email!

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