How are you using social media?

Many businesses only use social media when they want to release a coupon or special engagement.  However, releasing too many of these coupons and trying to force customers to come in and buy items they do not really want or need can result in just annoying whoever is following you.  It is a much better strategy to consider what information people may want from your company.  If your company is attending a networking convention or even a charity event people may want more information than simply a coupon to spend.

What is the biggest challenge you have?

Challenges can range from not having enough followers to not having enough content on your page.  Being able to identify exactly what you need to work on to build your social media site can help to develop a solution.  Whether that is assigning someone to update it everyday or simply advertising that you have the site so more people join.

What you are trying to accomplish?

If you want to bring people to your Facebook or Twitter page so that they learn more about your actual company and drive them towards your website or if you are simply trying to create revenue through promotions it is important to know what you biggest goal is.  A primary goal should be easy information about your company if a site is too complicated it can turn people away from the site rather than draw them in.  Denver SEO companies can help to make sure you accomplish your goals of making your website seen so that your social media site gets seen as well.

Who is your customer?

It is important to keep in mind who exactly your target customer base is and therefore keep the promotions relevant to that age group.  Teenagers are not going to be interested in retirement plans while adults probably will not be interested in what happened on Jersey Shore last night.  Keeping the information relevant to the target age group will ensure they keep coming back for more information.

How is your business currently being marketed?

Consider all the options that might be bringing people to your social media site.  It is very easy to put the social media URLs with advertising adds.  Denver marketing can easily help to build an online presence for you business as well and incorporate your social media URLS as well.