Fireworks for Thought

Chris Sams, July 3, 2011

Another year has pasted and another Fourth of July holiday presents itself. It’s hard to believe where the year goes, but surely everyone shares the feeling of, “Wow, it feels like last year’s Fourth of July was just yesterday.” The annual family plans are made. Fireworks are purchased. Potato salad is prepared. The grill is sparked. And if you are lucky, you may even find yourself next to a pool or a lake catching a few rays.

Ultimately, this holiday of independence brings about many feelings, joys, celebrations, and honors. While we strive to provide you leading technological news and information about advances made on the World Wide Web, today we want to exemplify this holiday with a simple thought. Some time in between your celebrations take a moment to remember and commemorate how far our noble country has come. Centuries ago, today’s ordinary applications like the internet, iPhones, XM Radio, and all of the other technologies yet to be created were only a dream. Without the hard work, determination, and intelligence of our fore-fathers, many of these technological opportunities available today would not exist.

We wish you moments of delight throughout the rest of your holiday weekend—and most importantly, we hope that you light off a firework or two to pay tribute to the advances this country and its people have made and to all of the advances that are yet to come.

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