With so many strategies and tools out there, it is very difficult to identify which one would be the most effective, therefore profitable tool. Many would tell you one is better than the other, or that you need all in order to succeed. The truth is, you have to look at Internet marketing as a bag of tools and each tool serves a different purpose and each one is effective on a different job. Depending on your goal and purpose, a tool like Denver SEO might be beneficial, if you are looking for steady long-term results. Maybe Pay Per Click is for you, if you need to show up at the top right away and you have the budget to do it. Maybe, your type of business requires you to be “Social” So you need to be on Facebook, Tweeter or Pinterest, in order to stay connected with your clients. The bottom line is, you need to figure out first what would work for you, after you have taken a deep look inside your business, strategy, targeted audience, budget, industry and competition. Internet Marketing is a tool bag and it is up to you to determine which tool should be used in order to be successful.