With “Cloud” paving its way into the regular file sharing vocabulary, Apple has developed a new concept, or action rather, in the vastly evolving technological process of sharing files among different devices. Apple has ensured the exclusive development of their new idea by patenting the application of file “pouring” and file “sucking.”

The activity would involve the physical movement of pouring information and files from one’s Apple device (such as an iPhone or iPad) to another. Envision yourself pouring yourself a glass of water from a pitcher–now rather than dispensing water, imagine using the same pouring method but instead with your important files that you desire transporting between your mobile devices.

The application holds the possibility of also “flicking” files to other devices. This can create a whole new opportunity for the scheme of students passing notes in class. This action creates particular interest for Denver SEO, Inc. online professionals and our future emailing possibilities.

Three-dimensional gestures is another theme Apple is currently experimenting. This could mean that with the simple use of hand gestures, an Apple user can create and manipulate images within their device’s screen.

Apple…. You never cease to amaze us!