Facebook's new layout

Chris Sams, February 27, 2012

I have to say that even though I am not extremely thrilled about Facebook’s new layout, it seems like it has given them results. The interesting thing about this new setting is that now it shares on the news feed if your friends liked somebody’s status or picture even if you d not even know them. The same goes the other way, if somebody “liked” or commented on one of your friend status updates or pictures, it let’s you know. From a personal stand point, I am not sure I like this very much, because sometimes all I want to see is what my friends are up to and not “Joe guy” On the other hand, this is huge for businesses that are trying to expand their follower’s base, because not only they can be exposed to their followers but also the their follower’s friends, if the followers re post for them. Social Media campaigns have become a huge part of Search Engine Optimization, especially when Google loves social media sites like Facebook. This is a great opportunity for businesses since now you can use this type of sites to post articles, update clients, and even share videos or pictures. The key for a social media campaign to be successful, is to keep your followers watching, by constantly posting fresh content, the kind of content that will not only keep them interested in your business but also the kind that they are going to want to re post. Social Media works even better when it is combined with other tool and resources like Search Engine Optimization, PPC and maybe even Video Marketing. These are all tools that will not only increase your online exposure but also will increase quality traffic on your website. Local SEO could be a great start with your social media campaign.

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