Facebook Ads: Which One is for You?

Chris Sams, March 19, 2018

93% of marketers actively use Facebook ads as part of their marketing campaigns, as they generate extremely high revenues for the business.

But, with so many types of advertisements available making the right choice can be confusing.

Your ultimate guide to choosing the right Facebook ad

Here is a list of the various Facebook advertisements and when to choose them:

  •  Video ads

You post a video containing your advertisement which viewers can see on their timeline. The video automatically starts playing the moment users scroll past the ad.

These ads are perfect if you want to catch the attention of users immediately. They are a great net for non-follower users, and with the right CTA, you can drive a lot of traffic to your site.

  •  Link ads

These ads contain a straightforward link to your website, which is great for generating site traffic and page views.

This is another ad which you can use to convert non-follower users into users. It isn’t as intrusive as video ads and appears as informational articles.

  •  Canvas ads

Canvas ads contain a cover video or an image of the product/service you’re advertising, with a list of products you have on offer on your website. These ads are very enticing as they showcase your product range to viewers.

These ads are best used when you wish to display a large selection of products/services.

  •  Carousel ads

With these ads, you’ll have the option of advertising up to 10 different products on a single loop.

These ads are useful when you have multiple categories of products, and you wish to drive sales for specific categories. They can also be used to display various features of a single product, in the form of a story.

  •  Local awareness ads

These are ads which are posted to users who are geographically close to the store. They can be anything from event invites to sale announcements.

These make for highly-targeted ads and are great for encouraging users located physically close to you, to visit your store and avail of the offers.

  •  Dynamic ads

Remember the Facebook ad on your home page of the handbag you were checking out on Amazon? Well, that’s a dynamic ad – an advertisement of a product that the user has already taken a look at and is considering purchasing.

These ads are best used if you wish to re-target repeat customers/visitors of your website.

  •  Desktop/mobile app install ads

These ads resemble the conventional picture or video ads, but they contain a link to download/install the desktop/mobile application.

These ads can be used to provide a direct download link to the app and encourage users to install the app.

  •  Event and offer ads

These are ads which can be used to invite customers to events and can be used as reminders for activities. You can also add up to 8 different QR codes, barcodes, and coupons in the ad and make it an offer ad.

These work best for seasonal events and sales promotions. They are great for inviting geographically close users to your in-store event.

  •  Lead ads

These ads resemble a link ad and contain information about events, offers, and products, along with a subscription form. Users can fill in the form without having to leave the Facebook platform.

These ads are great for generating leads, building mailing lists, and encouraging service bookings.

  •  Boosted posts

If you’ve had a post that’s done really well on Facebook, the platform allows you to re-publish the post to your followers. Boosting your post turns up more frequently on your followers’ home pages.

These posts are great if you wish to increase brand visibility and recall.

  •  Page post ads

Similar to boosted posts, these ads help brands get the attention of non-follower users. These ads can be shared outside your fan circles with ease.

These ads are great to get new followers and to increase post engagement.


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