Often times when we hear of the term Pay Per Click, we think about text ads on search results, cost per click and campaigns. But what most people do not know is that, depending on your business needs, you can now run animated ads, image ads and even video ads. Google continues to find innovative ways to make money, while providing business owners many different ways to promote, advertise and sell their own services or products. Many business owners have already experienced the power of video and many have actually capitalized on it. These types of ads will not show up on search results, but instead they are exposed to potential clients, by Google’s partner websites. The best part, is that you get to choose when you want your ads to run, which websites you want them on, geographical locations and many other ways to narrow down your audience, so you know that your ads are being displayed to the best audience possible. Pay Per click has become much more that just text ads on search results and depending on your Internet marketing strategy, you could take advantage of this and capitalize with ads that would fit your audience in the best way possible.