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Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

An effective email marketing campaign not only keeps your customers and clients aware of new deals, promotions, and company happenings, it also allows for increased engagement and reminders of your existence and importance in their consumer lives.

JEMSU has the ability to create an effective email marketing strategy, complete with a content calendar and customized emails that match your brand and your brand’s vision. We analyze your clientele and future content calendar down to the subject line. We can start with a list you’ve built or we can help you grow a list of qualified, interested potential customers.

Email marketing is the perfect supplement to an effective digital marketing strategy. It enhances a PPC or SEO strategy while appealing directly to your consumers. It’s the perfect marketing tactic to reach mobile users as well.

Setting goals and goal values is JEMSU’s primary focus when addressing any and all digital marketing strategies. Setting these goals allows for both you and JEMSU to see how well your email marketing strategy is performing alongside your other digital marketing strategies.

Our comprehensive monthly reporting allows for you to not only see the success of your email campaign but how it influences your other digital strategies. When reviewing reports with your dedicated Digital Marketing Consultant, topics and ideas for your future content calendar are molded.

Never let a past or future customer forget about your business. Reach out with relevant information through an email marketing strategy.

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JEMSU knows the best practices for successful email marketing campaigns. We’re always proactive to industry trends and know what’s the most effective strategy when representing you as a business through email. We’ve got quite a few tricks up our sleeve like:

  • Using incentives to drive email opens
  • Using the perfect amount of typeface changes and images to keep it fresh
  • Intriguing the reader from the start so they can be convinced before even reading
  • Eliminating tough actions required by the reader like scrolling
  • Representing your brand within the content so they never forget who’s contacting them
  • Sending readers to the right spot on your site

We know the best tactics to get you the best results. If we don’t get the best right off the bat, we review past metrics and pivot so we’re constantly improving our email marketing campaigns.


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