Dynamic Remarketing: Tailor Your Ads to Visitors

Chris Sams, February 10, 2015

At JEMSU™, we are firm believers in the power of Dynamic Remarketing.

Remarketing ads allow you to get your brand in front of people who have been to your site previously. Remarketing ads are so valuable because the audience is already interested in your products or services. Additionally, the cost per click on Display Ads is very low, so you can get thousands of impressions at a very low rate. Imagine your ads being seen all across the web, as your audience browses. Customers like to price shop, and keeping your brand in front of them increases the chances that they will come back to your site to purchase.

You may have known about Remarketing, but did you know that you can dynamically insert the specific products and services they viewed into the banners, allowing for highly targeted advertisements with a convenient set-up? This is especially useful for eCommerce sites, but also can be applied to specific services, such as a user on a dental site reading about Veneers. Remarketing Veneers specifically may increase the chance the user will become a client!

For an online clothing store, we are able to see below how Dynamic Remarketing is set up and applied.


In the example above, we can clearly see that a user browsing the site was perhaps looking at a shirt, hat, and purse, and they are all dynamically targeted back to the user in the Ad at the end. This can be extremely powerful for creating conversions, as the users have already shown interest in the product. It doesn’t end there, here’s a brief list of the strongest benefits and limitations.


  • Free brand exposure – Only pay for the click
  • No more time spent designing display ads
  • Testing all products tells you what works!
  • Lower Cost-per-Click
      • Lower cost means more leads!


  • Target ads based on user behavior


      • This can be on Exit Page, Time on Page, or more!


  • Demographic Targeting


      • Age, location, income group, gender, etc.


  • Highly targeted ads increase the chance of conversion




  • Ads are slightly restricted in customization
  • Cannot attract new customers


      • Have to have been to your site


  • Every new product must be added to the “feed”.
  • Can attract accidental mobile clicks


    • Be sure to watch out for this and eliminate irrelevant traffic

Overall, Dynamic remarketing is very powerful, and we highly recommend taking advantage of this service. If you need help getting started, try here for Google’s informative post, or if you need visual examples, you can watch this video for some examples. If you need help getting started, an agency like ours will happily set this up for your business.


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