Dolphin Mobile Web Browser. Haven't Tried It? Now, you should!

TeamJEMSU, January 22, 2013



Have you heard about Dolphin? If not, you should check it out. A couple of years ago a small team from a company called Mobotap created a new alternative mobile browser that was suppose to set them apart from the competition. In 2011 they launched their design and introduced it to the Android and iOS platform. To be honest, It wasn’t that much of a hit. Although it did gain some popularity with many crowds, the numbers didn’t rival the top competitors. But don’t sell these guys short, they are picking up steam and learning a long the way and now introducing a variety of great features for the 2013.  Here is Dolphin’s Top 4 features:


1. Voice Command

With the Dolphin browser you many now use your mobile devices internal voice recognition system to do quick searches. Dolphin will integrate the push to talk button to your keyboard just like any of the other mobile browsers so that you may talk to your phone instead of typing. Not a new feature obviously in the browser market, but a must to compete.


2. One Tap Sharing

You may now share all your favorite bookmarks, sites, pictures, or quotes directly from your browser and sent them off to your Facebook, Twitter, Email, or even broadcast them directly to friends sharing the same WiFi Network.


3. Cross-Device Sync

Now you keep the party going across your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) or change up to your Desktop without skipping a beat. You don’t even have to stay on the same browser. You may use all the popular browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) on your Desktop by just installing the Dolphin extension.  With that installed you can send bookmarks, tabs, history, passwords, etc.


4. Dolphin Remembers So You Don’t Have To

You can now save any information directly from your Dolphin browser into your box account. No more writing it down, or sending it to your email, or even sharing it. One tap, and its in your box.  There is an Evernote (beta) compatibility as well.


Dolphin is gearing up to be a strong competitor. 2013 will be a great year for this small company who hopes to swim with the sharks. Dolphin has a lot to prove, but seems to be on the right path. Good luck Dolphin!



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