There are several rumors out there that say that Google and the rest of the search engines hate Search Engine Optimization services and everything they do. This is a completely understandable argument since it may seem that every time there is an algorithm change it is targeted towards Search Engine Optimization companies. Although this is partially true, they are normally designed to go after websites that use what is called “black hat techniques” Most of these are companies who attempt to build authority to a website by trying to manipulate the system with lots of back linking strategies, fake forum and blog posts that were never designed for readers but solely for search engine robots. Even though these techniques worked for a while, Google is on to them and any website who has used any of these techniques is being penalized or De-indexed, which if that is the case, the website’s owner might as well close up shop. Google does not hate Search Engine Optimization, matter fact they encourage optimizing with content targeted solely to human readers and links that legitimately build authority to a website. Denver SEO is a great tool that has brought success to many businesses, it will truly be around for a long time.