Whenever I meet with a small business and explain how SEO differs from one company to another it’s always important to point out the technical aspects of what makes a true SEO firm the best at what they do.

Most SEO firms have no issues getting you ranked. In fact, it’s pretty easy to install a WordPress theme and activating permilinks is simple also in many cases creating redirects are typically done automatically with most content management systems but being able to find a Denver SEO Optimization company or Denver SEO Consultant who understands code, how servers respond to Google bot and being able to troubleshoot a penalty or other kinds of problems takes a different type of business and that’s where we come in.

Many times when we take on a client they have been assessed penalties from Google from previous works of prior SEO firms and in many cases the previous hired SEO doesn’t own or or admit to what they had done to get the clients website penalized. The ethical thing to do would be to refund their money but that is very rare in the Denver SEO Company industry.

If you think something is up with your SEO efforts or simply want to know what your SEO firm is doing give us a call today and understand the difference between a text book search engine optimization firm and a true SEO experts.