Debunking The Online Video Marketing Myths

Chris Sams, October 8, 2013

We have all heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words.  A video is a steam of moving pictures, so does that mean a video is worth a million words?  Thanks in part to internet video platforms like YouTube, and the access to quality video equipment, video has been used to educate, promote and entertain millions of people every day.  It is the sheer number of eyeballs to the screen that has made video a viable option to mazimize online marketing.   As such more and more businesses are turning to online video marketing to get the word out on their company, their product or service.  However, this format of online marketing still poses a challenge, and there are many myths associated with it.

In this article we will debunk these so-called myths and enlighten you to the promise of online video.

Myth #1.  The people who make the decision in businesses do not watch online video.

This myth comes from the misconception that sites like YouTube are only used by bored teenagers and wannabe starlets. This could not be further from the truth.  According to a study by Google and Forbe’s Insight, 75% of executives at the nation’s largest companies watch business-related videos every week. Of that, 65% had visited a vendor because of a video.  Executives and business owners are busy people, and video is a great way to capture their attention in mere minutes.

Myth #2. Video is too simplistic, and will not get our whole message across in mere minutes.

In the realm of video simple does not equal simplistic. In fact, some of the most memorable and effective videos are simple in nature, but that does not mean the video is simplistic.   As one of the most sophisticated mediums out there, video can capture a message, an emotion, a story in just a few frames.  It has the power to educate, effect, and evoke emotions within people.  Video offers a unique opportunity to make subtle points, add some humor and develop your brand  in an innovative way.

Myth #3. It is too expensive to hire a professional video production company.

While hiring a professional to develop, produce and distribute your video can  be expensive, advances in technology have made creating a video more afforable than ever.  But, it is important to think as video as an investment.  Paying a little more into a quality video now, will pay off in the long run.  A quality video will be able to serve your business for years to come. In fact, a great video will pay for itself over time.





Source: The Three Biggest Myths About Online Video For B2B Brands

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