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Chris Sams, August 26, 2013

CyclusBreakResponsiveWebsiteCyclusBreak is a new non-profit focused on increasing graduation rates for first generation college students through the use of an interactive, web-based app. Founders Linda Ruiz and Renee Romero, first-generation college graduates themselves, brought their passion and enormous expertise to Denver W


  • CyclusBreak already had a name and logo, but we needed to develop a more comprehensive identity to appeal primarily to high school students, but also to their parents, college administrators and other educational organizations.
  • The website needed to achieve app sales while feeling education focused.
  • As a new organization, all information had to be created from scratch.



  • The goal of the homepage is introduce the app and explain its purpose using a modern, responsive website design that looks great on any device.
  • The layout and textures reflect the clients’ desired look and feel, and they were thrilled with the result.
  • Dynamic sliders throughout the side keep visitors engaged and ut a human face on the product, telling it’s story through quotes and videos of students, administrators and the founders themselves.
  • Prominent social media links and consistent contact forms throughout make it easy to get connected.
  • To make the back-end easy for our clients to update, we build websites on the wordpress platform. WordPress is used by many of the worlds top companies.
  • The app is currently in production, due to launch in October 2013.

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