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Chris Sams, April 9, 2013

In web design for retail or service businesses, it is fairly common practice to embed a google map into the footer so that site visitors can easily get directions to the company’s physical location. Lately we’ve been getting a bit more creative with how we design the maps, still linking to Google Maps but creating our own beautiful thumbnail that matches the look and feel of the site.

Far from just being functional, maps can be a work of art. I was originally inspired by the great designer Paula Scher, who began drawing maps as a hobby on the side during the height of her design career. Her hobby turned into yet another famous display of her typography skills, worthy of framing and hanging on the mantle.

I’ve included a few of Paula’s pieces here, as well as an eclectic sampling of maps across time and geography.

The Moon’s Western Hemisphere – United States Geological Survey


Tabula Peutingeriana – 17th century reproduction of an ancient Roman map


Anne Ditmeyer – View from my Window


Paula Scher – World Map


Mackenzie Bartels - Portland City Map

Mackenzie Bartels – Portland City Map


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