Many people, especially website owners know that search engines, more specifically Google, are looking for more than an over all description of the site, but instead they are looking for websites with complete and informative content. What most people do not know is what complete and informative content actually means. This is the kind of content that could determine if your website is ranked higher, lower or even penalized and it is up to the site owner to make sure it is search engine friendly. One of the main parts that Google is looking for now days is Title Tags. These, along with the descriptions, give the search engines a very good idea of what your site is about and its purpose, therefore enabling them to point out your site to the correct users. Another part that is very important is H1s, because they also indicate content and information about the home or landing page. As I said before, search engines are getting smarter and they are looking for content that will not only be “robot friendly” but also user friendly. Your local or national Denver SEO campaign could impacted negatively if you do not take the time to make sure your content has what search engines are looking for.