Content Is Just the Beginning To Get Your Product Noticed On Your Blog

Chris Sams, January 14, 2013



The task of most small business owners or SEO specialists is not just keeping fresh new content, but also writing content people want to read

Why should people be interested in what you say?

So there are many questions to answer. How do you keep people caring about your topics, services, products? How do you keep them interested while at the same time push for the sale? Because no matter how you look at it, it’s about the conversation at the end.

You should always remember that if you write about what you care about then people will also care about what you write. And what that is, becomes a little easier to figure out if you keep a few simple concepts in mind.

1. Don’t just write opinions, give people product knowledge

You can go on and on about the differences in the market or the why products like yours are some of the best out there. But for the most part no one wants to read long blogs about the general sense of the product(s). They want to know specific things and get right to the point of what you have to offer them. This makes it easy for you to not waste to much time on a bunch of information that might not be necessary. Keep it short and sweet and people will thank you for it.

2. Remind why they need you

Keeping people on their toes is always a great way to make sure they are still interested. Letting them know that without you or your products or services they might miss out on something or won’t get the same deal. They need to checkup with you on any latest update.

3. Going off topic is not always a bad thing.

Writing about any one thing specifically is great and all, but you can always assume that people will eventually get bored if they don’t hear something new. So, changing things up a little or talking about something else could benefit you in the long run.

4. Ways to save money should always be announced

If you can’t think about what else to write or you have wrote tremendously about product knowledge or research or whatever. Start writing about ways to save money. People will always read about ways they can save a buck here and there.

5. Events should be posted

Let your audience know about major events coming up or special events. Not only should it be related to you but also Holidays should be big. Announcing Christmas or Halloween are big topics for most and if your selling something work around that theme.

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