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TeamJEMSU, January 24, 2014

Recently Google’s Matt Cutts went on record and stated guest blogging is dead.  It is this announcement that has caused many content marketers to say finally. By removing guest blogging as an option it provides content marketers the opportunity to get creative with the content they create.  For many new to creating content, doing it all yourself may seem a bit overwhelming   If you are finding yourself stuck, and are unsure where to start, I have some handy tips to get those creative juices flowing.

The first place you want to start is your audience. Who is the audience that will be viewing your content.   After all the whole point of creating content is to inform and sometimes entertain.  If you are now aware of who you are targeting and why it is virtually impossible to create content that will capture the attention of your audience.  It is vital as a content creator you understand the demographics of your audience.   However, the demographics we are talking about go beyond the standard age,gender, race, etc.  It is about something more, it is about interest.   In order to create captivating content you have to understand who your audience is. Do they like to play games?  Do they like to see movies, concerts?  By further understanding the interest of you audience the easier it is to create content that will keep eyes on the page.

Secondly, you need to know wants to hear.  Figure out how to write for the specific wants of an audience. Create content that engages and educates the audience by answering questions that the audience is asking, sometimes before the audience even knows to ask it.

Also, think about where your content is displayed.   It is far easier to take your content to the audience than to try to lure an audience to you. By placing you content on a site like The Huffington Post for example, you allow your audience to come to you. Once they get a taste of your content and like it you can request they follow you or subscribe for supplement content.

Of course, another aspect of this is timing.  Content that hits the market at the right time can help pull an audience to you as well as promote your content as authentic and original.  It is highly effective to create content that is extremely timely, it builds authority.

Once you understand the who, where, when you need to address the why?  This may seem obvious but the more you can understand the habits and thinking of your audience the easier it is to create content that engages and captures their attention.



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