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Chris Sams, June 30, 2015

20150629_183324From June 29th to July 1st, Marijuana Marketing Gurus, a subsidiary of JEMSU, will be at the Cannabis Business Summit education business owners on the merits of digital marketing.  With more than 2000 attendees expected from all around the country, the Cannabis Business Summit is the place for businesses to meet, collaborate and learn about new trends in the cannabis market.  At Marijuana Marketing Gurus it is our mission to educate the business owner and help them achieve their goals through digital marketing efforts such as SEO, PPC, Web Design and Video Marketing.  Not sure digital marketing is right for your cannabis business.  Take a look at some of these benefits only digital marketing can provide.

  1. Reach more people.  With the forever growing popularity of search engines, and now with this feature available on Smart Phones, let’s face the facts: People rely on the internet more than ever for instantaneous information. Want to eat out? Look up this restaurant and check out the reviews it has received. Thinking about painting your house? Have the Internet refer you to the top companies near you. There are no stopping people from researching your services before you are able to tell them. So why not embrace this? Get your information out there on the web to ensure your business is not overlooked!Reach people much faster through social media sites
  2. Links are an easy way to direct traffic to your site
  3. People are into whatever is fast and easy. Once you start gaining an Internet presence, you want people to be directed back to your services as easily as possible. Don’t wait for them to look you up on a search engine, simply have them click on your ad. Voila! There they are on your site, browsing your services. It can truly happen that quickly.
  4. Social Media has become the new “word of mouth” phenomenon. It is undoubtedly the quickest way to spread gossip, news, rumors, or whatever you want to get out there as instantly as the click of a mouse. Though social media sites are often used for such negative aspects, it can also take an opposing spin and be an incredibly easy source for advertising. Most people are much more likely to make their decisions based on what their friends or family said about certain products or services. What a better way to spread the word about your business? If half of the world is active on Facebook or Twitter each and every day, why not utilize such a massive audience and spread word of your business fast?
  5. You can be so many places at once. With an endless number of sites available to the public, you can literally be multiple places all at once. It is faster and more affordable to get your ads out to the public than it has ever been in the past.

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