"Child Of The 90's" most recent video to go viral in 2013

TeamJEMSU, February 23, 2013

Every year there are one or two videos that hit the inter-webs and everyone cannot help but watch them over and over again.  2012 had “Gangnam Style”, 2011 had Rebecca Black’s “ Friday”, but what will be the video of 2013.  It is still too early to say but there have already been some videos that have shown promise.

For me that video is “ Child Of The 90’s”.  Perhaps it is because I was a child of the nineties, this minute and a half video has special place in my heart for the latest viral video that has hit the top of the charts.   This advertisement for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer uses our sense of fond nostalgia for Snap-On bracelet, Pogs, Nano pets and more to capture our attention.  Our colorful trip down memory lane ends with a clever little tag line, “You grew up, so did we”.

Since its debut, this video has earned over 508,583 shares.  Not too shabby, especially for an ad for a product that many have thought went the way of the dinosaurs.

This video is a clear example of how video marketing works.  It can help build, or in this case rebuild, brand recognition by engaging the viewer, and making them an active participant in the ad itself.  By doing so, the video practically begs viewers who share in the nostalgia to share the video on various social media platforms. Therefore creating more exposure for the brand it advertises.

If you have not watch it yet, here is link, enjoy!

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkM6RJf15cg&feature=player_embedded’]

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