Changes are Coming to AdWords

Chris Sams, February 7, 2013

Google announced yesterday that they are upgrading AdWords with enhanced campaigns. The purpose is for people to be able to better manage their ad campaigns in todays world of tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices. Studies have shown that around 90% of people now are constantly moving from one device to the next throughout the day as opposed to one stationary computer like in the past. As tablets and smart phones become more and more advanced, the average consumer behavior on them is becoming similar to what one used to normally just do on a desktop.

This creates great marketing opportunities for businesses but at the same time can also make it more time consuming and complex to target customers. A business owner would want to show one ad to target someone at 9:00am on a smartphone searching for coffee and a different ad for someone on a desktop at 2:00pm searching for places to have a meeting. Things like time, device and location have become increasingly important factors in showing consumers the right ad.

This is where the new enhanced campaigns come in. Instead of having to compare many separate reports, campaigns and ad extensions together, the business owner can now do this all in one place. This eliminates having to manage and set up several different campaigns to target people with ads based on location, time and device.

Some of the new enhanced features include: Bid Adjustments, Smarter Ads and Advanced Reports.

Bid Adjustments: Let’s use the example of the coffee shop owner- using the bid adjuster they can bid 30% higher for people searching a mile away, 15% lower for searches after 2:00pm and 70% higher for people searching on smartphones.

Smarter Ads: The coffee shop owner (that also has a e-commerce shop selling coffee beans) can show click to call ads targeted to people on smartphones while showing ads for their online store to people searching on a desktop….all within the same campaign.

Advanced Reports: Advanced reports help to measure new conversion types. You can count calls 60 seconds or longer that came from a click to call ad as a conversion in the reports. You can also compare them to other conversions like sales, downloads and leads.

Google will begin rolling out enhanced campaigns during the upcoming weeks and plan to upgrade all campaigns by mid-2013. Stay tuned as we test and evaluate the new features!

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