Living in the United States we are not used to a whole lot of censorship.  Although the United States is behind several countries on the list of least censorship , it would still be alarming to many of us is all of a sudden our Facebook or our Google search was censored, but believe it or not this happens a lot more often than you think.  Many Denver SEO companies work hard to make sure you company is at the top of an organic search on Google, but what if the content of your website is inappropriate? Then at least in India, your website would probably not come up.  There are over 21 companies that a court in India deemed having content that was not approved by the government.  Although, many companies have tried to put up a fight over the new restrictions, many are agreeing to comply.

For countries like India and several others throughout the world, keeping certain information off of Facebook, Google, or even Twitter they believe will reduce and prevent and problems throughout the country.

In the United States, we have a hard time grasping the idea that Facebook may not allow you to put up certain pictures or use profanity, but would it really be that bad if we no longer saw pictures of a girl too drunk at a party with her butt showing? I don’t think so.  And would it really be that bad if our children no longer learned what the F word means from a friend’s post? I don’t think so.

As any local Denver marketing company knows it is obviously very important for everyone to freedom of speech, or whatever they want, and it is important for people to be informed about the world around them, but when considering India’s requests for inappropriate content to remain outside of their country maybe in regards to Facebook pictures it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.