Black Box SEO?

Chris Sams, May 8, 2012

Have you hired an SEO firm and had issues with the transparency of you SEO campaign? Do you have a questionable backlink portfolio created by your SEO campaign? We have heard of several firms who practice a “black box” approach when it comes to SEO and have had a lot of their work penalized through recent algorithm updates. Their clients may achieve rankings over a significant period of time, but the client has no insight as to how their website is getting ranked within Google, Yahoo or Bing. When an algorithm update occurs, the SEO firm has little to no response for why their client’s site suddenly disappears from Google.

We saw this occur with several online businesses during Google’s most recent algorithm update known as the Penguin update. Google rolled out this update a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to remove spam filled sites with questionable link development strategies. To our advantage, many of our clients were left unaffected by this update and have remained in their current positions. So, why did we see several of our competitor’s clients drop off of the Google map when this occurred?

Many of our competitors operate from a one man shop and they have to purchase or outsource all link development for their clients. Our strategy? We work to make sure everything is done in a natural, transparent manner so there is nothing questionable to Google or to the client. We are able to achieve this by having a strong in-house staff of internet marketing professionals who are constantly aware of client’s rankings and know exactly how to respond to an algorithm update. Because algorithm updates are happening much more frequently, we have to stay on top of the latest trends and know how to keep our clients afloat. Although we are unable to determine exactly what search engines want, we have a general understanding and we are very transparent with our clients about our work.

Transparency and diversity are key for your SEO campaign – don’t get caught in the black box.

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