Benefits of Google+ & Maps For Local Business SEO & Marketing

Chris Sams, May 29, 2015


Benefits of Google+ & Maps For Local Business SEO & Marketing

The start-up of an online marketing campaign for a business can be a daunting challenge for people who have very little knowledge of the fast past online world. However, with so much information online on how to be successful, people can find what they need if they will just do the research. Narrowing down where to start and what to do can be overwhelming. Which means, it is important to design a plan that can assist with identifying a marketing strategy that will work for virtually any business and be the best use of your time and budget. This said, there are some marketing tools online that are more beneficial than others. The best starting point for any business breaking out into the online world is Google, Google + for business and Google Map Listings.


Before a business owner signs their operation up, there are some things that they will need to know. Some of the most important involve the benefits of adding these listings to a company’s marketing campaign. So, here are 5 of the top benefits gained by creating or claiming and optimizing your Google My Business Listing.


#1 – Unique Perks


Because there is a long list of social networks available for a business marketing campaign, business owners will need to do their research in advance to see which social networks will provide the best services for their specific needs. Which means, the business owner and their representatives should make a list of the social networks that can bring in the most exposure, and those that will offer special benefits in the form of perks for simply signing up. These special perks should help the company’s operation in numerous ways including being ranked higher in major search engine like Google. Google + for Business is a coveted social and search engine marketing tool for many different reasons. For instance, one of the perks that they offer involves being ranked higher by Google for the people who have liked and shared blogs on you Google+ page. This is an added benefit that increases the business’ chances of being seen by a larger number of people searching for their goods or services.


#2 – Establishes Business as an Authority


Many times a new business website will not attract a lot of customers or rank well because they are not seen as an authority in their industry and have not established trust. Also, those that do visit the site may not convert well. When a business and their representatives are seen as legitimate and quality, visitors will often begin to convert into paying customers. This said, establishing oneself as an authority in any industry is a necessity.


Google My Business can assist in establishing the company and its representatives as authority figures in their industry in a few ways including contact information, being a verified Google My Business listing and user generated Google reviews to establish a track record, while showing in Google map listings.


#3 – A Verified Link from Google


Social networking marketing is about getting everyone together, communicating, sharing, keeping people engaged and increasing visibility. All of which are designed to drive and keep more customers on a business site. Even though social networks normally work within their own circles, many of them have the capability to play with others as well. In specific, Google + For business encourages interactivity between social networks by requiring businesses that sign up to add social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to their business links section of their profile. Thereby, adding more links and credibility to the business and its operation. These links are also used in Google’s search engines for the purposes of increasing rank and visibility.


#4 –  Special Advantages from Google + For Business


Google My Business has been designed networking and linking features in mind. Specifically, because it allows the employees of the business to contribute to the company’s social network marketing campaign whenever they can as well. This is done by allowing employees in the organization to sign up for their accounts so that they can assist with posting links on the company’s site as well. Just a few minutes a day can make a dramatic difference in expanding the links that the business has on its profile.


#5 – Deploys Mobile Friendly Marketing Strategies with Google Maps Listings


Though the benefits of adding Google My Business profiles are many, business owners should not forget the added advantages of Google Maps Listing. Google maps listing is essential to a business for numerous reasons. Two of the most important are making it easier for customers to find their business location when they are driving and increasing visibility in Google’s search engine results. In addition your business will not show up in the Local search results box in a Google search without a verified Google Business listing.


Google My business and Google Map listings are two tools that can be used to increase a company’s search engine rankings and visibility. There are many benefits to incorporating these tools into any business marketing campaign, and they include providing unique perks, establishing the business as an authority, increasing link activity, keeping audiences engaged with rich content and using Google Maps listing for business directions and more visibility.

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