Being Content with Your Content

Chris Sams, May 16, 2012

Many of you out there have a website that you hope to someday turn into a cash register, or at very least a small piggy bank. You may even spend a fair amount of time wondering, even pining about your content. You probably even ask yourself if there is enough? or is it written in such a way that the Google Gods will shine down upon you favorably? Many of you still even wonder if you’re supposed to write for the search engines? We at JEMSU™ have done a considerable amount of research and we’ve broken down how to write content in some very simple steps preceded by just a dash of common sense.

First and foremost, you always want to write for your client and potential clients. Ironically, it turns out that this IS writing for the search engines. Sometime ago the grand masters that run the search engines noticed that the overall quality of the internet was being affected by people attempting to write for SEO purposes. Consequently, “writing for search engines” has taken on a different meaning than it once had. It now means to simply write content as if you are writing to your best friends  (easy on the expletives and inside jokes, of course) to tell them about your amazing product or service that you have to offer. Along with that new found understanding you can also follow these 3 simple distinctions to help you develop your content.

1. Humor – Making someone laugh is a great way to be memorable and if you can somehow wrap your message into that humor…all the better!

2. Controversy – Please keep reading…it’s not what you think – We don’t want you calling people out or getting all soap boxy but you can certainly question something in your industry in-general or convey to your audience how you feel differently about an accepted norm in your industry.

3. Facts – Of course the old stand-by that is still as strong as ever as-far-as content goes. Write truths and you’ll be rewarded. Fill your site with real facts that people can digest and share with anyone who may be interested.

Of course a mixture of all 3 is ideal but most of us have our struggles with at least one of these. If you keep them in mind though you’ll be amazed at how they begin to work themselves into your writing. Soon your site will be written for both people and search engines and that’s how to ultimately be content with your content.



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