Automated Marketing Can Target Your Customers & Make Your Life Easier

Chris Sams, August 1, 2017

The digital economy moves fast for both consumers and industry. The breakneck speeds in which the digital industry evolves make it difficult for marketing campaigns to find their target audience among the constant noise that engulfs the typical customer on a daily basis. Still, companies need to develop their voice and relay their message to that customer base or quickly face extinction.

When it comes to marketing in a dynamic, sometimes chaotic marketplace, technology can be the salve for an organization that needs to get its voice heard above the background noise. Automated solutions that leverage the power and immediacy of innovations like big data and machine learning can be just that solution companies crave to engage the consumer and convert to sales.

Big Data: The Root of Automated Marketing

The ability to peer into the future and gauge consumer interest, expectations and behavior have long been the holy grail for marketers. While consumer-specific data has long been used in campaigns to form marketing strategies, it has traditionally been a tedious, time-consuming endeavor.

However, with recent advancements in processing speeds and computing power, marketers are now much better equipped to harness the tremendous insight offered by huge swaths of consumer data.

The term big data has been coined to encapsulate this notion of powerful, insightful information. When coupled with those technological advancements in computing, big data can be used to identify trends, analyze consumer behavior within various scenarios and reach testing conclusions with a precision never previously afforded.

Machine Learning: The Other Side of the Automated Coin

Artificial intelligence is the technological breakthrough that allows big data to be processed into a coherent, insightful guide. Specifically the machine learning aspect of AI, algorithms can be created and constantly updated to suit a marketer’s needs. Trends, scenario building, and A/B testing have been transformed with a new sense of efficiency and impact, all by the coupling of these technologies.

Putting It All Together

Numerous platforms are already available within the marketplace to give marketers the edge they need to target, engage and convert the ideal consumer base. Able to distribute a message through an ideal channel at the most opportune time in the sales cycle, marketers can now automate those arduous but important functions. Such automation frees up valuable time within a marketing team to concentrate on strategies that will ultimately magnify ROI and, most importantly, lead to the conversions that drive revenue and benefit the entire company.

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