Are you on the map?

Chris Sams, March 16, 2012

As the world of Search Engine Optimization keeps changing and changing, it has become obvious that new tools and resources can play a huge role on your campaign. One of those tools is Google Places. In case you do not know what this is, I will go ahead and explain: Google places’ listings show up, on certain keyword related searches, in the form of a map with many pink balloons. Next to it, you would normally see a listing of all these sites, their exact location and phone number. As Google’s search results are becoming more and more personalized, they attempt to bring the user the most accurate and relevant results. That is why places’ listing have become so important. They will always point out on the map whoever is closer to the searcher by location, making it very easy for the user to call without even having looked at the website. Optimizing your Google places page is almost as important as optimizing your site, because even though not all searches will pull Google places listings, when they do, most users find what they are looking for, on that small list. But just like optimizing your site, getting your places page on the top spots, takes time and lost of work to be accomplished. If you have not done this yet, now it is definitely the time to get on this boat. Searchers are getting more and more specific with their search terms, specifying city, state and even county. Google understands this and they are constantly working on bringing them results that are as close to home as possible. Google places needs to be a part of your strategy, along with other important tools like Social Media and Video Marketing, in order to have a successful local SEO campaign.

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