Are you blowing your digital marketing budget?

TeamJEMSU, September 7, 2016

shutterstock_319647857Without a doubt, digital marketing campaigns are difficult to design and successfully implement. It takes a lot of time, effort and experience to do so. Still, by avoiding some of the most common mistakes you greatly increase your chances of success. Here are just a few of the more common mistakes to avoid that will leave your campaign more viable and more cost-effective:

Buying followers – Does any knowledgeable marketer think that this tactic still work? The answer is a resounding no. Pure and simple, buying followers for any social media site is a complete waste of money. Many marketers equate large numbers of followers as evidence that a site is well-established and reputable. The crowd-sourced generation, on the other hand, recognizes that this is simply not true. It much better to establish a smaller core of fans – and influencers! – who sincerely believe in your product or service. Time and effort spent in building a connection to your followers goes a very long way in this department. So do it.

Not doing split-testing – One of the reasons that digital marketing is so cost-effective is because it is easy to redesign and implement an A/B testing strategy. Once you have the basis of the marketing campaign laid out, it is actually quite simple to tweak it for different markets and demographics. In short, you can get an incredible “bang for your buck” if you take the time to segmentize your ad campaign. In a nutshell, split testing is quick, it is easy and it will provide an excellent ROI for your company.

Ignoring the mobile market – The latest generations of online users are all about mobile accessibility. They want information on the fly and, if your company does not provide it, they will swiftly move on to a competitor who does. This fact means that you must develop a site specifically geared towards the mobile market – one that loads quickly and attractively or you will lose this significant segment of your clientele. A last note – even if you are already successful on the web at attracting visitors and converting them, realize that the mobile segment is only bound to grow as devices become ever more powerful.

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