Are you a Good Link Builder?

Chris Sams, May 23, 2012

Here are a few things you should know if you claim to be at the top of your game for link building. Google’s latest update, Penguin has proven that website built solely on links will no longer be accepted.  That is why if you are claiming to be a great link builder you better know exactly what you’re doing in order to help a website and not hurt it.


It is crucial that as a link builder you know how to determine between the three different types of links that exist.  The different types of links should be able to be not only determined but evaluated in order to pick the right strategy for the website.  Link builders will know which links are needed in order to achieve an advantage for the website.  This could be a higher search rank for example.  An expert link builder should be able to find places to insert links that someone else less experienced might overlook.


Lastly, a great link builder should work with the client directly.  If you outsource the project it can be frustrating to the customer to realize that they are paying you for work you are not doing.  It can also be frustrating if something is not being done the way you want it.  So work on your link building skills and impress your customers with your awesome skills!

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