An explosive combination!

Chris Sams, April 5, 2012

Many times we scramble and search to find out which tool would be the most beneficial or bring us the most return on investment, as you strategize for your internet marketing campaign.  Many will say “Search Engine Optimization is all you need” and some others would say “Pay Per Click is the way to go” As I said many times before, there is no straight answer to what would work specifically for you! There are many factors that come into play when deciding, but a recent study done by Google might shed some light into this issue for you. The study showed that paid ads have a better click through rate when the campaign is combined with good organic results. This means that, in some cases, Pay Per Click works better when it is combined with Search Engine Optimization. What Google found out is that companies or brands that have ads and also results on the top 5 of the organic search, the strong presence displayed increases the number of clicks. This goes out to show that not one is better than the other, meaning that just because Pay Per click shows up at the top of the page, it may not be enough to attract potential clients. But it also means that having great rankings does not guarantee your phone will anymore than it does now. What it comes down to is a deep and throughout analysis of your business in order to determine which tool would be best for you, and maybe your business might need more than that. There are several other resources out there like Video marketing, Social Media and E-mail marketing, which depending on your industry and competition could work better or in combination with local SEO as well as the famous Pay Per Click.

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