JEMSU is a different agency. Sure, we have the agency framework and follow the general agency best practices but when you get to its core; JEMSU is different. We’re an agency made of friends first, co-workers second. We come in, have fun, but get the work done.

Happy hours, laughs, and ping pong sessions, those are what keeps us enjoying what we do and what keeps the motivation alive to perform our best for you.

You’ll be assigned a team for each and every project that JEMSU completes for you. That team has done a whole lot more than just brainstormed and strategized together. It’s our unique relationships and experiences in and outside of the office that keeps us accountable for one another and taking personal responsibility for your success.


Like our clients, the JEMSU team members come from all walks of life. We are music aficionados, outdoor enthusiasts, Netflix binge watchers, ski bums, bike racers, sports nuts, foodies, world travelers, lovers of dogs but not cats (just kidding Joelle), Nerf warriors, ping pong champions and everything in between. One thing we all have in common is our relentless drive to deliver strong results to our clients. Fueled by the praise and satisfaction of our clients, we work tirelessly to hit every goal and crush every benchmark of success.


JEMSU is home to, in our opinion, some of the best marketers around. We’ve spoken at conferences, we consult, we’ve helped and seen business soar! We hand select members of our team to become members of your team. No matter what combination you get, you’re setup for success and in great hands.

  • Chris Sams
  • Adam Trunnell
  • Rianne VanDervoort
  • Julian Pawley
  • Amanda Moorhead
  • Joëlle Roehr
  • Dally Clark
  • Natalya Lainhart
  • Kimmy LeFevre
  • Tamara Pesqueira
  • Jaime Karnilaw
  • Matt Lewis
  • Jon Boknecht
  • Elise Robinson
  • Christian Pickard
  • Lee Wheelwright



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