The advertising and marketing industries are changing.  Today, there are several different outlets to choose when deciding how to market your business to the masses.  A Denver SEO company can help you to determine exactly which aspects will work best for your company, from social media, to SEO, to video marketing, and even mobile phones.

If you don’t have a mobile phone in the world today, chances are you are under the age of 10 or living under a rock.  Mobile phones are how millions of people are seeing your company in this world of technology.  People not only have a mobile phone that can make calls but also a smart phone in which they can access anything from the Internet to games to music to news.  That is why it is extremely smart for your company to be mobile accessible.  Mobile phones generally have a higher click through rate actually about four times more than online videos.  This could be for a few reasons, mobile phones can have more targeted messaging, they can offer a more direct call to action, and there is often an unseen connection a person has to their phone.  This means that ensuring your site is easily viewed on a mobile device is critical to your business being seen and increasing your overall ratings.

Mobile phones are not the only things that are taking over the world, Social Media is another important outlet for companies to grab on to in order to increase their visibility. Social media can include Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  Any of these sites once established can help your company be more directly in touch with your consumers.  Whether you need to post a coupon or special for the day or even announce a day when you may be closing early due to weather.  Most people have their social media on their phones and can instantly see when you make an update like one of these to your profile.

It is important to examine all options when trying to develop you company’s internet Denver marketing plan.  Considering all new technology and anything that may bring you closer to the consumer it always a good way to go!