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Chris Sams, March 13, 2012

Last weekend, as I was searching for game highlights on YouTube, I came across a very funny commercial. This commercial was not an actual video I was searching for but a short clip that showed before the video I wanted, actually played. If you have been on YouTube at all lately, you have probably noticed that there are short commercial clips right before the video you selected actually starts. This is a tool that many brands are now using, which allows them to get the desired exposure, without needing the viewer to actually visit their website or channel. Now let us make something clear, this is definitely not a cheap option! This tool is very much like Pay Per Click and it could get very expensive, very fast, but from a local SEO company, this is something I would strongly recommend keeping on eye on, even if you cannot afford it at this point. Video Marketing has become a very powerful tool to promote brands and businesses and if it is done correctly, it could bring great results. Lately, many businesses and brands have been posting videos, which can cover a wide range of styles. Some post about their products and services in a funny way, some are more serious but very informative and some just stick to the usual “How To” in order to attract potential clients. The great thing is, this type of marketing is so new, that there are really no boundaries as to what can be done. You can be as creative as you would like and if you have content that keeps people watching, chances are, your audience will grow very fast, therefore so will your business. When it comes to Internet marketing, the ones that are successful are the ones who are creative and Video Marketing is a great opportunity to do just that.

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