Adapting to changes

Chris Sams, February 14, 2012

As time goes by and we see new technologies surface, many things are changing rather quickly. And as we see new advances and algorithm changes, Search Engine Optimizations has to adapt and keep up in order to be successful. The reality is, a strategy could that is successful today could not be the best one tomorrow and that means that as Google and the rest of the search engines change we have to change with them. Now days we need more than a crawl able website, with updates like Caffeine and Google Panda, Google shows that is mostly concerned with content and relevancy issues and they are driving Search Engine optimization companies to focus on quality content, social media signals and technology. Specifically social media or video marketing, which represents a big part of Google’s new approach at personalized searches. And even though so far there has not been a good response for personalized search from users, this is something we have to keep an eye on, because just like anything else, it could evolve and become the next “IT” for social networking. Search Engine optimization has become way more than just keywords and “link stuffing” There a number of different tools like data sources, keyword and link tools, social Search Engine Optimization tools and CRM/business and SEO tools that have to be used in order to keep up with today’s Search Engine Optimization demands. Especially with Google updating as much as they do, it is imperative that we understand these search engines and what they are looking for. The bottom line is, this industry is changing and only those who keep up with these changes will survive. Local SEO could bring you great success, as long as the company you hire knows how to jump through those hoops.

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