A Year Long PPC Contract

Chris Sams, August 17, 2012

The beauty of pay-per-click marketing is the ability to control just about everything. You can turn the account on and off at any time. You can control down to an extremely granular level. And above all, you can see every conversion and transaction if you have analytics set up.

So the question in my mind, is why would anyone sign up for a year long contract for PPC. There is no need to commit to an extended length of times when it hasn’t been proven. I have heard horror story after horror story of companies who signed a 1 year $30K+ contract and got nothing. There is only one reason you should ever sign a contract for anything over a few months. That is if you have proven that PPC is effective and you are signing with a company that has a proven track record, and you are getting a discount for committing to a longer contract.

For virtually every company out there wanting to try PPC, you should think in terms of rapid prototyping. Determine your objectives, and your cost per acquisition (CPA) goals and then determine an amount you are willing to spend as a test to see if you can hit those targets. When the test is over, determine if you want to continue, or do another test.

That’s how you should do it, and don’t sign anything until you find someone who can help you do it. Now this is where I interjection with my company’s name: JEMSU.

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