JEMSU & The Holy Grail: Our visit with Google

Chris Sams, April 21, 2015

When people think of the internet, they think of the “Holy Grail” of search engines: Google. With internet becoming more relevant in the marketing world, we believe that putting some of your focus on internet presence for your business is critical. You can believe that when the announcement was made that Google was going to come spend two whole days with us, we were ecstatic!

Two representatives arrived on Tuesday and we jumped into trainings pretty quickly. The trainings were thorough, yet efficient. Though there was a lot of information to cover, they did a great job with relating their expertise to our particular company. Making this information personal to us helped us to discover our challenges. With their advice, we feel ready to conquer these challenges! In addition to the in-depth training there was some time for hanging out and talking about the industry. Please read on for some highlights and we are excited to share these new tools with our clients!


One of the great trainings that Google provided us was on Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA). RLSA is now open to all advertisers worldwide and it is a great tool that lets you customize your search ads campaign for people who have previously visited your site. The value of the audience is huge, since they have already been to your site and are interested in your services.


Google has noted that it doesn’t provide access to or use information about users’ Google search histories, and it can’t be used in connection with sensitive categories. Ads can not collect any personal identifying information. The ads use a list already available for display to adjust what you see on search.IMG_1745


RLSA offers a great potential for advertisers to get creative and target potential customers like never before. These types of campaigns are ideal for those businesses whose customers who are price shopping and browsing all the services available to them on search: The potential is there to create an impression again and again. RLSA campaigns are ideal for cable companies, vacation services, car dealers, and beyond!


We were excited to learn how to better use Google’s fantastic phone tracking features. Imagine seeing how many phone calls you received on a keyword level – the PPC team is now completely pumped to use Google’s phone tracking to see the greater details of where phone calls from ads come from.


Phone tracking will also be a massive factor for the increasingly popular Call Only campaigns on mobile devices. As the world gets more mobile, these kinds of ads are perfect for carpet cleaners, locksmiths, water damage restoration services, or anyone with a business that needs to be reached in a hurry with a fast moving lead!


These are just some of the great things we learned while they were here, we are excited to begin implementing some new tricks and honored that Google sees us as a valuable partner. Stay tuned….


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