A Pocket Guide to Understanding KPIs

Chris Sams, November 22, 2017

In this fast-paced, tech-crazed world, maintaining a strong web presence is vital to pushing your company’s success to the next level. Your web content needs to hit the right targets to perform better than your competitors’ and attract the right audience to your online business environment. To ensure your online content perform at its best it is important to look at the right key performance indicators ( KPIs) and adjust your output to improve those targeted metrics.

The Importance of Monitoring KPIs

Key performance indicators produced by Google Analytics reports provide a way to objectively analyze the success of your digital marketing tactics and make measured improvements along the way. You can make changes to the type, frequency or length of your content to dial in those metrics to best meet the needs of your target audience. The objective measures will indicate when your digital marketing tactics are on the right track in producing the results you want to achieve.

Types of KPIs Used for Digital Marketing

Across the digital marketing field, you will find dozens of KPI categories to monitor. The metrics cover the number of people who navigate to your site, the keywords used to find your web pages, the backlinks they follow and their activities on the site. The most important KPIs hone in on your audience’s actions while visiting your site along with their level of engagement with the content you post.

How to Select the Best KPIs to Gauge Your Marketing Performance

It is important to remember that you do not have to watch all of the available metrics to make sure you are hitting the right targets in your marketing activities. You just have to select the ones that best represent the results you are trying to achieve with your digital marketing practices.

To ensure your online content attracts your target audience and converts visits into sales, monitor the areas that have to do with site visitor activities, such as:

  • Unique and repeat visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Pages per session
  • Time on site
  • Page views
  • Unique social actions

You should also take a look at the performance of your keywords and the success of the calls to action you use on your site. These two elements should directly bring visitors to your site and convert those visits into sales, respectively.

By utilizing KPIs to build your web presence, you can actively bring visitors to your site and convert those unique and recurrent visits into actual sales. You can further maximize your success by partnering with a digital marketing expert at Jemsu by calling 720-307-7285.

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