A Lesson in Video Marketing

Chris Sams, March 2, 2012

With more people watching the Internet on a daily basis than their television, it is easy to understand why video marketing is becoming such an important part of advertising and marketing in general.  Companies are beginning to hire Internet and SEO firms to help them create and market videos that will encourage the online presence of their company.  We all know how much people love to watch.  Movies, television, theatre, these all appeal to a person’s visual senses.  So how can your company take advantage of this new way of advertising? Here are a few ideas that can help to catch the eye of a visitor.

We should begin by stating that if you do not have a YouTube channel for your company yet, you should get one.  This channel will allow you to post numerous videos about your company all in the same place.  This way if someone is interested in your company and goes searching for videos on your company, they will find this channel with all of your well-constructed videos.

So how do you get these videos?  Posted videos can have a wide range of subjects.  Many people refer to videos as the next canvas, because people feel they can create moving art on a screen.  There are many ways your company can take advantage of this new medium.  You can hire a dancer, singer, actor, painter, sculptor, cartoonist, etc. and have them do something in your video that is amazing but also relates to your business.  A great example to think of is the car commercials where you see the sculpture of the car being made by someone.  Videos can be interviews, new stories on your company, or even an ongoing informational series.

Hiring a local SEO company can be a great way to determine what videos will be best for your company to post, as well as make sure your videos are seen by visitors.

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