A content marketers guide to getting past writer's block

TeamJEMSU, March 7, 2014

Content, content, content.  That is the mantra many digital marketers are learning to repeat.  One of the hardest aspects of creating relevant, original content is the actual writing of said content.   Writer’s block is a concept that many content marketers are familiar with.  No writer is immune to this concept, but the work still needs to be done.  Below are some  helpful tips to get past the block and write content that matters

1.  Acknowledge it, but do not use it as an excuse.  One of the first step to getting past a block is to admit it is happening, but not to allow it to keep you from moving forward.

2. Just start writing, even if its bad.   Do not let the fear of bad writing stop you.   For many people the writing comes after being forced to put words down on paper.  Writing is often about the process rather than the inspiration behind it. Writing is all about getting into a rhythm and letting the words flow.

3.  Write from your own experiences.  A key rule to writing well, is to write what you know.  If you are feeling stuck, write from a personal experience, tell a story.

4.  Take inspiration from other writers.  Reading what others have written about a subject can be very helpful when it comes to finding topics to write about.

5.  Use lists.  When in doubt creating lists is an easy way to write quality content.   For example, Google loves how to and top 10 lists and often recognizes these types of articles as high quality and relevant content.


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