Call Tracking

Call Tracking

8 Reasons why you should have call tracking on your website (and all marketing materials, for that matter)

Without tracking form submissions, e-commerce purchases, or leads, you’re basically throwing marketing money at the wall and seeing what sticks. Attribution is key to smart spending in the marketing realm. Tools like Google Analytics are a fantastic and imperative tool for tracking traffic and conversions/leads, but not phone calls.

Long ago are the days in which your company had to verbally ask, “how did you hear about us” and mark that down for tracking purposes.
Enter: call tracking, a neat little idea/tool to not only track where your phone calls came from, but an integration into Google Analytics and a world of reporting that could save you hours of manual attribution. At JEMSU, we encourage each and every client to use call tracking – we even use it ourselves! Because we use it ourselves and see so much success, we’ve provided 8 reasons why you should absolutely, 100% be using call tracking:

1. Dynamic tracking

Call tracking is imperative for your website. If you’re pumping money into SEO, paid advertising, social, or email, you must know where your phone calls are coming from. How are you supposed to make an educated deposit of money into one channel without knowing what that channel does for you?

 Dynamic tracking can answer any and all questions. With dynamic call tracking, a code is placed on your website that changes the visible phone number on your site depending on the source – organic, paid, social, referral, direct, etc. It’s a lot easier to put more eggs in a channel’s basket when you can see that you receive more paid calls than organic by ten fold.

 2. Area code

While creating these numbers, we’re able to pick your preferred area code or an 800 number, so you can stay consistent with your numbers and not have to worry about random numbers thrown all over the website.3. Keyword level call tracking for PPC campaigns

With keyword level call tracking, you’re able to tell exactly what keyword someone gave you a call on based on your Google paid advertising. You are given a pool of numbers with which individual users are assigned this phone number. While they’re on the site, they see their number and their number only. Once they leave, that number is freed up and assigned to someone else, giving the call tracking system the ability to tell what keyword they clicked on to get to your site and give you a phone call.

Our call tracking system not only integrates conversion data into Analytics, but also Google AdWords and Bing Ads. This allows you to make more educated decisions when it comes to your paid marketing efforts.  

A note: Google AdWords also offers free keyword level call tracking – which is better than nothing – but is limited on its functionality. For example, it will tell you the area code of a phone number that called, but not the full phone number.

3. Use the platform to manage your sales team

Unlike Google AdWords, our call tracking platform can be used not only to, well, track, but also for sales management and quality assurance. You can record phone calls (with a message of intent to the phone caller), leave notes in the platform, and even be notified when a phone call is placed. This has been wildly important and useful to a lot of clients.

 A few months ago, a client of ours reached out thanking us for our call tracking platform. Because the platform was able to record phone calls, he noticed that a less-than-eager sales associate was rude to customers on the phone. He now drops into the platform weekly to review phone calls.

 4. Robust reporting

Our call tracking platform not only keeps recordings of phone calls, it also logs all important information – time of day, location of the caller, even names. All data can be easily exported to be included in a monthly report. Don’t forget, it can integrate with Google Analytics and AdWords too!

5. Traditional marketing efforts can be tracked as well

You don’t just have to be doing digital marketing to track marketing conversions. Our call tracking system gives us the ability to create phone numbers for mailers, radio ads, table toppers, deliverables, etc. We even had a client request a number to put on a van they drive around town. We can create a number with your preferred area code, mark it as “offline,” tag it in the system for easy differentiation, send you the number, and you suddenly have a new phone number to use on your billboard or mail piece.

6. Enhance your split tests

With all of the different phone number options we have, it’s very easy to create different phone numbers for any type of A/B testing you’d like to do. From multiple landing pages to split email campaigns, this functionality allows you to track performance easily while pinpointing what works best for your business.

7. “First time” callers

Our system also tags people as “first time callers” which allows everyone with the data to see how far the marketing net has been cast. Are new people finding you? Are people returning to your website and calling you? Are you spending money on the Google search network for people to call you relentlessly? With the answers to these questions, you can see which channels drive new business and which drive repeat business, allowing you to allocate your marketing dollars to the right channels for the results you want to see.

8. Trust your marketing company a bit more

With all of the reasons above, it becomes much easier to make informed, educated decisions for both you and your marketing provider. With more informed decisions comes more trust and positive results!

There you have it, 8 reasons why you absolutely should be using call tracking. You’re spending thousands of dollars a year in marketing, do you know where your calls are coming from? 


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