8 Marketing Stats You Need To Know

TeamJEMSU, February 7, 2017

2017 is already no stranger to captivating and alarming marketing stats. Q4 of 2016 saw marketers buzzing left and right with their New Year’s predictions that delved into the realms of video, influencer marketing, and interactive content. We are already seeing some of those predicted trends come out of the woodwork in the first month of 2017. From Big Macs to bots to digital traffic violations, this week is definitely something to write home about when it comes to marketing statistics.

  1. Video reigns supreme

Whether it’s retail, travel, or CPG companies, Kinetic Social’s Social Trends Report was released this week analyzing trends across all social platforms. They found that video ads were up 38% in Q4 of 2016 compared to the previous quarter and that they increased 112% compared to the same period one year prior.

2. CPGs level up

CPG brands are aggressively ramping up their digital marketing strategies. By 2022, e-commerce will account for all CPG sales (Information Resources, Inc) whether it’s soup, supplements, laundry detergent, etc.

3. Getting saucy

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, McDonald’s is a marketing powerhouse. This proves true as they company gave away 10,000 bottles of their secret Big Mac Sauce on Thursday via both brick and mortar locations and live video feeds. Fans literally camped out and the bottles are already upwards of $1000 on eBay.

4. Reddit lives on mobile

Although Reddit didn’t have a mobile app a year ago, they recently reported that more than 40% of their views occur on its young mobile app.

5. Violating traffic

If you’re advertising on Google, watch out. Last year, Google took down 1.7 billion ads that violated their policies, a number that had doubled since 2015.

6. Go away, bots

Incapsula recently examined 16.7 websites from August-November 2016 and found out that an alarming number of visits (51.8% to be exact) came from bots. To put that into perspective, less than half of the content was seen by actual humans.

7. Big Game ads vs. Snapchat marketing

AdWeek wanted to know how many digital ads amounted to the cost of a 30-second Super Bowl commercial, which totals $5.6 million this year. One commercial equals 17 Snapchat sponsored lenses.

8. Ladies are all about the echo

More women are warming up to the Amazon Echo smart speaker. In December, 50% of buyer revenue came from females, which is over double the 23% during launch (Slice Intelligence).

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