8 Intriguing marketing stats

TeamJEMSU, November 16, 2016

The world of digital marketing is diverse and subject to continuous change. And with 2017 almost kicking off, we have decided to put together a list of attention-grabbing digital marketing stats from the last few months of 2016. Below are eight digital marketing stats that caught our eye.

Mobile Web is Key

According to Google, more than 90% of organic searches take place on mobile devices as opposed to desktop computers. However, if the website is not performing to the user’s standards, most users will leave. This stat highlights the need for a strong mobile website for all businesses.

More Marketers Going For Paid Search

According to a 2016 digital marketing report by Merkle Inc, more marketers are investing in paid search advertising. For example, in the first two-quarters of 2016, Google’s ad revenue increased by 19%  and 17% respectively. Also of intrigue, clicks via mobile devices accounted for 53% of the overall paid search clicks while the overall ad-revenue for non-branded keywords increased by 24%.

Growth of E-commerce

According to Retailing Today, more than 81% of buyers conduct online research before making big purchases. In a report by the U.S department of commerce, web-based sales hit $86.3 billion in the first quarter and $91.2 billion in the second quarter marking a 5.7% increase from the first quarter.

Growth in Video Marketing

In a study by Google, more than 50% of internet users’ prefer watching a video related to a product or service prior to visiting the store. This statistics underscore the importance of video marketing and makes it the fastest growing form of visual content.

Huge Focus on Big Data

According to AFL Insight, nearly 70% of the marketers plan to invest in CRM and data analytics. Although a similar research study by Hubspot indicates that only 22% of marketers know about CRM, the research figures by AFL Insight are a clear indication that big data and automation are becoming an increasingly high priority for marketers.

Increase in AdSpend

According to a report by eMarketer title Digital AdSpending Forecast and Trends, a whopping $7.3 billion is expected to be spent by the US Media and entertainment businesses on paid online and media advertising by the end of 2016. eMarketer also projects that the number will rise by $11.5 billion by 2020.

Social Media is Taking Over

The number of social media users jumped with over 10% compared to the past year according to We Are Social. Unsurprisingly, Facebook leads the charge in the global rankings with over 1.5 billion active accounts.

Growth of Podcasting

According to Edison research, podcast listening grew by 23% between 2015 and 2016. For NPR, whose fiscal year ended on 30th September, podcast ad sales were up 70% compared to 2015 and 10-times greater than those of two years ago.


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