7 Tips For Better Mobile-friendly Web Design

Chris Sams, November 10, 2016


  1. Create a responsive web design – To ensure that your website will be properly formatted for smaller screens so that users don’t have to pinch and zoom to read everything, your site should be built using a responsive design. A responsive design allows your site to be displayed properly on any screen no matter what the size.
  2. Create a separate mobile site – If you already have an existing website and you don’t have the resources available to integrate responsiveness, consider creating a separate mobile version of your site. Just keep in mind that although it may be more cost-effective to create a secondary version of your site, it will mean that you will have to maintain two different code bases as well as upload content to both sites individually.
  3. Consider the user experience – You won’t want your site to appear cluttered and overwhelming on mobile devices as this can damage your user experience. For example, instead of having a menu bar that users have to zoom into in order to select from, use a hamburger menu, which consists of three horizontal lines. The navigation menu won’t show up unless the user clicks on this symbol, thereby saving space.
  4. Research and analyze trends – Test different versions of your pages to see what the needs of your users are. Do research on your competition’s mobile pages to see what kind of features they are using and whether they are effective.
  5. Format your content for mobile consumption – Make sure you use typography that’s legible, avoid the use of popups, lay out your content in a more fashionable way and include large and easy to press buttons to make it easier for mobile audiences to read your content.
  6. Use effective call-to-action buttons – Buttons are easier to press than text links for mobile users. Use bold colors and concise wording to call attention to them.
  7. Retain brand continuity – If you’re using a separate mobile site, make sure you use the same brand colors, typography and style as your desktop site. If you don’t, you’ll hurt the identity of your brand.

Be sure to keep these seven tips in mind in order to create a more mobile-friendly website design.

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