7 Questions to Ask Your Potential Agency Before Tying the Knot

Chris Sams, August 14, 2018

JEMSU has years of agency experience backed by a number of experts and their past experiences. So when we say we’ve heard it all, we really have. Transparency and proper expectations are critical to a long-term relationship with your marketing agency. Because of this, we welcome any and all questions during our discover meetings.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 questions that you should absolutely ask your potential agency (or us if you want us to give you a call):

  1. Is my budget flexible?

Oftentimes, agencies sign service-by-service which might require different lengths of contracts depending on expected results per service. Always ask if your budget can be moved to another channel/service if a channel isn’t working for you. Of course, it’s the agency’s responsibility to set proper expectations in ROI or expected results’ timelines. This type of flexibility allows you to invest more in a single channel without tapping into another budget you didn’t account for. Look for a gymnast of an agency.

  1. What results can I expect in X time frame?

It’s very important that your potential agency answers this question honestly. Each agency will be different depending on their methodology and practice but the most important point is that they do not guarantee results within a given timeframe. A guarantee in results means they are trying to close the deal, not assure your expectations are set properly. Not every channel works for every business. All businesses are different and marketing should always be looked at as an investment with the potential for failure. Instead, your potential agency should set goals for you rather than guarantee results.

  1. Will I have access and full transparency into my accounts?

When we first meet our new clients, we like to ask them about their past marketing experiences with other agencies so we can deliver great results and a great experience (and top the other guys). Sometimes, these clients tell us that they never had access to their accounts so they were in the dark. When you couple that with poor reporting, you get trust issues. Always ask what level of transparency they offer in their contracts. At JEMSU, we provide monthly reporting and believe in constant communication. We’re completely transparent with our services and we want you to be involved! If you have trust issues, come to us – we always one-up exes.

  1. Do I pay you or Google/Facebook/Whatever-Ad-Platform-Your-Potential-Agency-Chooses for my ad spend?

Piggybacking off of question 3, it is always important to ask if you pay the ad platform or the agency directly. Sometimes, when you pay an agency directly, they take a higher cut for their services and spend less than the agreed-upon ad budget. If they do not allow you to have access, ask if they provide full reporting on your cost per click and total price on each platform monthly. JEMSU always allows full access to all accounts, it’s the first thing we mention in our online dating profiles!

  1. If we part ways, will I get assets to my accounts?

Sometimes, clients can have long relationships with past marketing agencies that have equated to thousands of dollars invested into one account. Always make sure you get your assets back if the relationship ends. That history and data are a huge help in the strategy process for your next advertising and marketing agency. Think of JEMSU as that new, better partner that is going to use your past to help you grow.

  1. How often do you report to me?

Ask how often you receive reports and how in-depth those reports are. This needs to be outlined in the contract and absolutely must be honored. It’s incredibly important that you understand where your money is going and what successes and failures your campaigns are experiencing. No reporting is a sign of no strategy, and why would you pay anyone that doesn’t have a strategy behind the services they provide?

  1. How do you measure success?

Most agencies will have different answers to this, so it’s important to understand how they measure success. Make sure this lines up with your definition of success. If it doesn’t, then they’re using a one-size-fits-all solution. At JEMSU, we believe that nothing ruins a relationship like a lack of communication and understanding. This is why during our first few weeks together, we spend a lot of time getting to know you and strategizing internally to create a marketing plan that best benefits you, the client.

Getting clear, honest answers to these questions make wedding bells ring. Whether or not you choose to tie the knot with JEMSU, feel free to use this list as you search for the perfect [marketing] partner for you. And if you have any questions, we’re here to help!

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