6 Ways to Improve Your Remarketing Ads

Chris Sams, November 16, 2015

Remarketing (or retargeting) is an effective and budget-friendly way to reach customers who have visited your website before. Yet often, the strategy for remarketing campaigns can take a backseat to that of pricier search pay-per-click ads. Take just a few minutes each week and look at your campaign analytics and tweak your ads to improve their importance. How, you ask? Here are 6 ideas that will turn an average remarketing ad into a powerful tool.

The wonder of words

Potential customers don’t visit a website to look at the advertising; they visit it for the content. You need to be able to draw their attention away from their original purpose and to your ad. You do this with words. Short, catchy and enticing. Think tabloid headlines. Love them or hate them, take inspiration and you’ll be on the right track.

Push for perfection

While no one is perfect — and neither is any online marketing campaign — that shouldn’t stop you from aiming high. Always be on the lookout for ways to improve your ads. Track and analyze their performance regularly and test, test, test. Just as importantly, ensure you act on the results of your testing, and when you make changes, never change more than one thing at a time. If you do, you won’t know which changes are working.

Tell, don’t ask

At first glance, this may go against everything you have ever been told about interaction with potential customers. But, when it comes to calls to action, you don’t want to offer a choice, you want your visitor to complete the action and complete it now. So “Buy Now,” “Click Here” and “Invest today” are more effective than “find out more” or “talk to us.”

Keep it simple

There is a fine line between eye-catching and chaotic, and if you want to improve your click-through rate you need to toe this line. Simple does not have to mean boring. In fact, for the best results it shouldn’t be. But, if your ad is cluttered, it will turn eyeballs away. You want to give just enough to remind visitors of why they visited your website before and nudge them to return and convert.

Perfect placement

One way to encourage people to click on your add is to make them think it is part of the site that it is placed on. It is not just about content, but also about style and color. If you sell health and wellbeing products, then your audience is most likely to be on health and self-help/diagnosis websites. But, if your ad sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb, it is not going to carry much weight with the visitor. If it looks as if it belongs, particularly on a reputable site, then it is almost like having an extra level of endorsement.

There is no single way to create a savvy and successful remarketing ad, but there are many ways to get it wrong. In the end, it comes down to paying a little bit more attention and refining your work.

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