Google's New Tab Page Extension ... A Must Experience!

Chris Sams, April 19, 2013



Developers have finally taken advantage of all that real estate offered on the blank canvas that is the new page tab in Chrome. Google’s latest extension is not groundbreaking but it definitely brings a great feel and productivity to what it use to be.

The new extention is called “New Tab Page”  and will offer you a very familiar dashboard with productivity and update areas within the dashboard for new, apps, and even weather. This new extension is easy to install, just follow the link; New Tab Page on the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome.

What will happen after you install this new extension? Well, you will find yourself in familiar territory, similar to the Google search page but beefed up with much more accessibility. Wether you are just searching, wanting to access different extensions, or event just get the latest weather update, this new extension has it all.  This extension also offer Google voice to do your searches, but the bugs are still getting worked out from what I am hearing. To get the latest weather update for your city just click on the location button at the bottom of the weather widget.

There will be more features to come, some of which are available in the beta version or the developers version. You may also find some features right below the search bar.

Will this be the extension for you? Could this replace the way you land on Google? We shall see!


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