5 Ways to Improve Your Website's SEO to Generate More Leads

Chris Sams, May 17, 2017

Most people who work on the web understand the importance of ranking highly in search engines. But for many, SEO can feel confusing, and this may intimidate you. So, here are five simple tips to help you run an SEO campaign that will generate more leads for your website.

1. Carefully Choose Your Title Tag

The title tag you select plays a vital role in informing search engines and searchers on what your web page contains. Make yours contextually relevant to the content you provide. For instance, if your web page covers tour dates for ACDC, your title tag needs to reflect that. If it doesn’t, why would a fan searching “ACDC tour dates,” go to your page anyway?
Don’t stuff your title with keywords, or even synonyms of keywords. Search engines are smart, and this could be a negative ranking factor if you get caught. Besides, a repetitive title is ugly and unlikely to attract many visitors.

2. Use Good Copy in your Meta Description

Your meta description won’t affect your page’s Google ranking but is still an important way to attract visitors. It should be readable and compelling; this is the primary place to highlight why a searcher should visit your page. Keep it simple, to the point, user-serving and use keywords when contextually relevant.

3. Adhere to Keyword Best Practices

Include your primary keyword term or phrase in the headline of your page (your H1 header tag). This string should usually match up with the slug in the URL of your web page. In order of importance, keywords should also be visible in your: page content, external links and image alt tags. Make sure to switch it up between pages as well — for instance, you don’t want to use the same keyword string for all your external link anchor texts.

4. Try Topical Optimization

You want search engines to view your content as relevant to your target terms. That does not mean you need to stuff your website with the LSI keywords. Instead, you should create keyword concepts via topical optimization. The goal is to cover various subjects relevant to your main keyword(s), so you come across as an expert for what you want to rank. Build content around the LSI terms instead of just placing them in your primary content.

5. Create Great Content

The most dependable way to improve your site’s visibility and core leads is by providing quality, rank-friendly content. This method may take longer and cost more. But, it is worthwhile once you score the top spot as your competitors will need to make a greater effort to have a fighting chance.

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