5 Ways to Improve Your Startup’s Social Media Presence

Chris Sams, September 14, 2018

How well are you navigating the social media landscape?

You won’t be surprised to find that there’s always room for improvement – especially when it comes to a business that’s only in its growing stage.

First things first: every business-to-consumer business, no matter how small, needs a precise social media strategy and an integrated marketing approach to start on the right foot. This where a reliable digital media agency comes in to ensure you have strong foundations. Experts will help identify your target audience, pinpoint the goals of your campaign, choose the most relevant social network, optimize your content marketing strategy for the platform, etc.

Once you have that in place, here are some tips to help you establish a strong presence and connect with your audience:


  • Use social media to deliver impeccable customer service.


Businesses who haven’t grasped this are falling behind: social media has become the best platform for customer service. But that’s not all – research shows that audiences hold high standards regarding response times and overall customer service on different social networks. Make sure you provide helpful responses to customer inquiries on social media in the shortest time possible and offer solutions to customer complaints.


  • Establish your presence within a community.


Social media is all about community. The new algorithm changes on Facebook and Instagram emphasize this further, putting engagement at the center of all strategy and encouraging meaningful interactions. Be community-oriented: follow other startups, ask your followers about their opinions in your posts, encourage UGC, interact in the comments section, voice your concerns and encourage discussions, and take part in on-going events.


  • Direct your followers to your website effectively.


Firstly, you need to have something worth seeing there – products they’ll love or useful content to find more information. Secondly, you want to ensure that they’ll stay a while on your website, so work with the best web companies to ensure your website offers users an effortless experience.  Don’t hesitate to use ephemeral content (Stories and Live videos) to grab their attention and tell them what awaits them on your website.


  • Always maintain consistency.


In order to get consistent results, you need to post consistently. Not only that but in order to ensure your posts reach a wider audience, you need to post at the right time in accordance with the network you’re using. Use analytics and your social media pages’ historical data to determine the best times for posting. It’s also smart to use content management apps such as Sprout Social, Buffer or Social Report to schedule posts.


  • Dive in and experiment with new features.


Don’t hesitate – put your creativity to work and always experiment! You might tap into something useful and get great results, but most importantly, you’ll be showcasing your startup’s creativity and openness. No matter which network you’re using, when a new feature rolls out, be among the first to give it a try. For example, Instagram’s latest feature, IGTV, is an ideal ground for experimenting, so dive in!

There’s no denying it: social media is one of the best and most effective marketing tools, but only if it’s utilized well. It’s not enough to just be on social – mere presence won’t do much for your startup. And in the worst case scenario, not understanding the nuances of social media marketing can ultimately hamper growth. So don’t be afraid to ask for help, invest a lot of effort, and follow these methods – it will definitely pay off.

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